When The Queen Falls. A short Project Zomboid story.


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Written by Tyrone, for @Powley, @crash and @Lutic for their hard work.
"Never have I ever thought things would get to this. The epidemic, it just got out of hand. I- ... Fuck! Fuck the script... People of London, I am telling you as your Prime Minister to care for eachother! Britain has stood for centuries, fighting off anything and anyone! The Scots, Irish and Welsh are like us! Brave! Strong!... As your Prime Minister, I strongly advice you to keep your families safe. Grab a weapon, get shelter!"
The British national anthem starts playing from the TV as the suited man walks out of the camera's view.

"Honey! Honey?! Come downstairs and get my gun. Do it now! ... Honey?" Screams the British man, who wears a tracksuit. He's clearly a chav. The man rushes upstairs, walks in to the bedroom to his right.. And finds his wife, hanging from the ceiling. Her face, darkish blue. Dead eyes, staring at him as he freezes in the doorway... "Oh my God.. NO!.. Nooooo!" Screamed the chav, dropping on his knees as he watches his dead wife. But, something strange happens. She starts to move...

"Baby? Let me help you out of that noose!" Says the man as he rushes to his seemingly alive wife. He would pull out his knife and use it to cut off the rope. The woman drops down on the floor and twitches slightly. She's moaning, silently attempting to get up. "Emmy? Emmy?! Look at me. Are you alright, Emmy? Baby I thought I los-" out of the blue, his sentence gets cut off by his wife. She lunges at him and forces him onto his back. She's growling like an animal and lets out ungodly screeches. She's trying to bite him, but he's stronger. He would push her off, onto the floor next to him. He stumbles up and holds his knife out, trying to keep her at a distance.

"What the fuck?! Oi! Stand right there! Are you sick?" She responds by getting up and screaming like a demon, walking towards him at a fast pace. The man stumbles back, further and further as she gets closer. Suddenly, a wall stops him from retreating. She gets onto him, but gets pushed off, making her fly against a desk. Her temple hits the edge, making her head bursts open...
"Oh my God..." Says the man, thinking that he may or may not have murdered his wife. He looks at her as she starts to get back to her feet.

"No no no no NO!" He says, as he hurries to his closet. He would pop it open and take out a loaded Ruger MKII. He would aim it up and at her, flicking the safety off. His hands shaking, his legs trembling. He freezes as she starts to move closer with her head busted open. Blood is pouring out of her head, onto the floor. With excessive hesitation, he eventually pulls the trigger. The Ruger fires a .22 lead projectile into her head, a hole of moderate size puncturing her forehead. She drops down dead, this time, staying down...

The man breaks down in tears, dropping onto his knees. He throws the pistol aside and stares at what he has done. After a while, which seemed like hours, he would get up and grab his sidearm. He walks to the window, and looks outside...

Outside is chaos, the neighbours acting like savages. His friends being rundown by them, being eaten alive. Agonizing screams, burning houses and cars. People fleeing their houses, police officers firing at the sick. A horrifying sight, which is going to be normal from now on.

It's all over, but the crying..​
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May 27, 2016
too many for me

decent read, keep it up 7/10