Your experience in Little Eden


May 7, 2016
As you hear the heavy door of the bathysphere swing open beside you from your comfy seat you realise you have arrived in the Little Eden station. As you get up and stretch you also yawning loudly, hearing a song being played through the speakers in the roof of the metro station area. The song is probably from Frank Sylvano, a popular singer commonly heard over the tannoy and Rapture Radio. It was going to be a heck of a day. As you step off the large submersible a light starts blinking on the panel showing that it's being called by another Rapture Metro passenger at Neptunes Bounty. As the large brass framed glass door swing back into its holding the hefty bolts that were holding the craft steadfast slide back the it slowly bubbles down back into the deep, cold water.

You leave the metro station heading to the bustling shopping area and as you pass through the glass tunnel that connected the station to the rest of the district a group of housewives pass you, handling their groceries with care and idly discussing the latest play put on by Sander Cohen in Fleet Hall. When you reach the end of the glass tunnel you notice a group of vibrant orange fish swimming a few inches from the glass, playing with the continues stream of bubbles rising high up to the waves above. Passing under the bulk head of the the building ahead of you to your left you see a vending machine droning short melodies underneath a large mural advertising the latest craze to hit the market in Rapture. The vending machine was one of those Gatherers Gardens that have been sprouting up all over the place since the demand for ADAM had increased ten fold along with Chicago overcoats. You see a small queue of people at the machine some already showing signs of ADAM abuse with red blotches starting to appear on their faces, it's hard to find a clean faced plasmid user this side of Rapture.

The first step you take into the large open plan plaza you hear it is full of the sounds of people walking, talking, and laughing together as the afternoon goes on. The speakers above you sputter slightly before a small recorded speech of Andrew Ryan's is played in place of a song, some of the monied types stop talking to listen to it and some even clapping even though it wasn't anything they hadn't heard before. While others are listening there are a few solemn faces in the crowd, some street vendors and maintenance workers grumbling to each other as the commanding voice of Ryan is played at them. While you slowly wonder through the large expansive areas your mind starts wiring with all of the possibility that you have in this district of Rapture. As you have no idea what to try first you make your way to the local bar, that should be a good place the start.
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