ArmA 3 - Tactical Battlefield


Apr 26, 2016
So, I've been playing this a lot recently, since it's a great replacement for our servers whilst they're gone, imo, I'd prefer this over WW3RP to be honest

So, this is more a mil sim than the usual gamemodes or games that have battlefield in their name, you can select classes and join squads where most of them have a lot of RP, way more than you see in some other games. The mod also uses TFAR which allows more realistic communication, along with a bunch of other mods along with ACE3

Reminds me a lot of WW3RP, but it's kinda different in a good way, looking for some people that I know to play with, just hit me up and we might be able to make our own group, download doesn't take too long if you got the launcher at their website.
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